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Education and OutreachTribal wetland programs may participate in a wide range of education and outreach activities in order to engage tribal youth, convey the importance of wetlands to the broader community, and build support for wetland protections and wetland programs. A list of wetland and water educational resources that may be used to engage tribal youth in wetland programs is available here

StoryMaps can be excellent tools to conduct outreach as they are multimedia, web-based applications that are accessible to a wide audience. A StoryMap can be a useful tool to convey the importance of wetlands and the work being done by wetland programs, as well as a way to share publicly available data on wetlands or water quality. A StoryMap is created through ArcGIS Online and can include text, photos, videos, interactive maps, and other media. Example StoryMaps are linked below:

Similarly, videos can be effective outreach tools to share the importance of wetlands and the work being done by wetland programs. Videos can be easily shared with a broad audience. An example of outreach videos is the Tribes Caring for Wetlands in Wisconsin video series. These videos highlight work being done by the Bad River and Red Cliff Bands of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians and the Oneida Nation to protect and restore wetlands.