Volunteer with ASWM

The National Association of Wetland Managers Needs Volunteers

There are always many topic areas and activities the National Association of Wetland Mangers (NAWM) would like to expand to better serve its members, the wetland community and the public. Below are areas where volunteers are needed.


Volunteers are needed each year to help NAWM with conferences/workshops. Volunteers can assist with conference planning by joining the conference advisory committee and taking on specific tasks; these include organizing concurrent sessions, supervising displays, organizing field trips, and many other tasks. During the conference volunteers are needed to moderate sessions, moderate lunch discussions, load power-point presentations, staff the registration desk and many other activities.

To inquire about volunteering for one of our conferences/workshops, contact Laura Burchill


Become a NAWM Board Member or Committee Member

NNAWM board members are elected to serve two-year terms on the NAWM Board. Officers and At Large members are elected on alternate years. Under NAWM’s By-laws, the Nominating Committee provides a slate of candidates each year with one nominee for each of the positions to be filled. Nominees must be members in good standing of the Association and only employees of state or tribal agencies may serve as Chair or Vice Chair of the Association.

NAWM members may also contribute to the organization by joining a Board Committee. These include the Legislation & Policy Committee, Applied Science and Projects Committee, and Communications & Outreach Committee. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on NAWM’s Board or a Committee, please contact Marla Stelk, Executive Director.

Newsletter Articles

NAWM identifies one or two important wetland topics to write about in each issue of Wetland News. These can be program, policy, science or legal issues. Topics such as marsh dieback, wetlands and natural hazards, wetland mapping, climate change, opportunities for local government, revisions to federal or state policies, and special wetland places are examples of a few of the topics that might be covered. Articles should be 1,000 words or less and should provide links to websites and/or other places readers can refer to get more detailed information.

To inquire about submitting an article, contact Laura Burchill.

Wetland Photos

NAWM is always looking for wetland photos from different areas of the country. If you would like to share a photo(s) to feature in Wetland News or Wetland News Digest, please fill out the photo form.

Wetland Photos