Tribal Wetland Programs

Wetland Program Plans (WPPs) are organized to address 1-4 Core Elements out of EPA’s Core Element Framework. In each listing for tribal WPPs below, the corresponding Core Element Key indicates which elements are addressed within the plan.

Core Element Key:
MA = Monitoring & Assessment
R = Regulatory
VRP = Voluntary Restoration & Protection
WQS = Water Quality Standards for Wetlands


Blue Lake Rancheria (PDF)Blackfeet Nation (MT) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2012-2017) Contact: Mary Clare Weatherwas ph: (406) 338-7421

(2015-2018) Contact: Michelle Fuller ph: 707-668-5101 x1036

Chippewa Cree TribeMA, VRP
(2018-2020) 2020 Amendment to the Chippewa Cree Wetland Program Plan
(2020) Contact: Keith Gopher ph: 406-395-4225

Coeur D'Alene TribeMA, R, VRP
(2018-2020) Contact: Tiffany Allgood ph: 208-686-8802

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (MT) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2021-2025) Contact: Clint Folden ph: (406) 675-2700 x7255

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation
(2014-2018) Contact: Elizabeth Sandey ph: 509-945-2939

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation (WA)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2012-2017) Contact: Gary Passmore ph: 509-634-2426

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (PDF) – MA, R, VRP
(2015-2017) Contact: Scott Havill ph: 541-553-2029

Coquille Indian Tribe (OR)MA, VRP
(2014-2018) Contact: Bryan Duggna ph: (541) 756-0904

Cow Creek Band of Umqua Tribe of Indians (PDF) – MA, VRP
(2014-2018) Contact: Amy Amoroso ph: 541-677-5575

Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMA, R, VRP
(2019-2023) Contact: Shannon Kesner ph: 218-878-7157

Fort Belknap Indian Community (MT) – MA, R, WQS
(2010-2015) Contact: Jeremy Walker ph: (406) 353-8416

Golovin Bay Watershed Alliance (AK) - AK Native Village Alliance – MA
(2012-2016) Contact: Eric Morris ph: (907) 638-3651

Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippeawa (PDF) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2021-2025) Contact: Laurel Wilson ph: 218-475-2029

Havasupai Tribe (AZ) (PDF) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2014-2018) Contact: Thomas Siyuja ph: 928-448-2257

Hopi Tribe (PDF)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2015-2019) Contact: Lionel Puhuyesva ph: 928-7343711

Hualapai Tribe (AZ)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2011- 2017) Contact: Alex Cabillo ph: (928) 769-2254

Kalispel Tribe of Indians (WA) MA, VRP
(2011 - 2017) Contact: Ken Merrill ph: (509) 447-7276

Kickapoo Tribe in KansasMA, R, VRP, WQS
(2020-2024) Contact: Jessica Raley ph: 785-486-2601 X 102

The Klamath Tribes (PDF) – MA, VRP
(2015-2018) Contact: Tony LaGreca ph: 541-783-2149 ext. 23

Lac du Flambeau tribe (WI) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2011-2016) Contact: Gretchen Watkins ph: (715) 588-3303 x5316

Moapa River Indian Reservation (PDF) – MA, VRP
(2014-2017) Contact: Roberta Hanks ph: 702-865-2090

Native Village of Eklutna (PDF) – MA, VRP
(2015-2019) Contact: Dr. Marc Lamoreaux ph: 907-688-6020

Nez Perce Tribe (ID)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2020-2025) Contact: Elisabeth Brackney ph: (208) 843-7368 x3886

Northern Cheyenne Tribe (PDF) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2014-2019) Contact: Shanny Spang Gion ph: 406-477-6506

Pinoleville Pomo Nation (PDF) – MA, R, VRP
(2014-2020) Contact: Zack Sampsel ph: 707-463-1454

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe (PDF) – MA, R, VRP
(2015-2020) Contact: Paul McCollum Ph: 360-297-4792 ext. 237

Prairie Band Potawatomi NationMA, R, VRP, WQS
(2019-2023) Contact: Ma'Ko'Quah Jones ph: 785-966-2946

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (NV)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2015-2018) Contact: Fannie Ely ph: (775) 574-0101 x34

Quinault Indian Nation (PDF) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2016-2021) Contact: Daniel Ravenel ph: 360-276-8215

Red Lake Band of Chippewa (PDF) -- MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2016-2020) Contact: Tyler Orgon ph: 218-679-1615

Saint Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation (PDF) – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2014-2018) Contact: James Costello ph: 518-358-5937 ext 131.

Stillaguamish Tribe of IndiansMA, VRP
(2019-2024) Contact: Charlotte Scofield ph: 360-547-2690

Stockbridge-Munsee Community (PDF) – MA, R, VRP
(2015-2020) Contact: Mike Jones ph: 715-793-3032

Tulalip Tribe (WA)MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2020-2026) Contact: Jonathan Hall ph: 360-716-4594

Yavapai Apache Nation (AZ) (PDF) - MA, VRP  
(2013-2016) Contact: Robert Mills ph: 928-649-7103

Washoe Tribe – MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2018-2020) Contact: Norman Harry ph: 775-265-8982

Wiyot Tribe (PDF)
(2017-2021) Contact: Eddie Koch ph: 707-733-5055 X 105

Yurok Tribe (CA) MA, R, VRP, WQS
(2012-2017) Contact: Kathleen Sloan ph: (707) 482-1822 x1009