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Goal E: To sustain an active and growing membership.

Activities to achieve Goal E:

  • Have a systematic plan to recruit and retain members.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities and services to our members such that they value their membership, including training through a professional webinar series.
  • Provide special services for members, including provision of Insider’s Edition via e-mail, and member only access to some web material.
  • Publish a bimonthly newsletter for members (6 issues per year).
  • Develop an online bulletin board that will allow members to address questions to the wetland community at large, and that will support discussions among wetland managers.
  • Have a process for encouraging, recruiting, preparing, mentoring and honoring members actively participating in the Association.
  • Have an annual membership drive and analyze the results. Retain 90% of current members.
  • Have state agency membership in 50 states.
  • Provide our members with an annual report.