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Goal D: To integrate wetlands into broader water programs including water quality protection, flood protection, wildlife management, watershed management, climate change adaptation and ecosystem-based planning.

Activities to Achieve Goal D:

  • Identify opportunities to integrate wetlands with other water quality, water quantity, floodplain management, and biodiversity-focused programs.
  • Consider wetland and water management issues through the lens of climate change and adaptation needs.
  • Identify links between stream and wetland management – in particular in state dredge and fill programs – and support improved wetland and stream protection and restoration/mitigation in this context.
  • Develop materials and host forums to share information about joint opportunities and common interests.
  • Participate in forums hosted by other water programs and organizations.
  • Identify specific program and science areas where there are opportunities to integrate wetlands into related and/or larger programs, and disseminate that information.
  • Maintain existing partnerships and establish new partnerships with organizations working on related but not wetland-specific activities.
  • Identify opportunities to change and revise public policy and programs to better integrate wetlands with other water programs.
  • Hold meetings, webinars, conference calls, etc. to explore, share and better understand issues and challenges. Provide wetlands program information at cross-discipline meetings and conferences.
  • Develop and distribute information online and through other avenues to provide ideas and direction on how to include wetlands in related and broader programs.
  • Develop joint policy statements or science white papers with related organizations and programs on wetland/water program issues and opportunities.