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Goal C: To educate wetland managers, public officials, and others with regard to current wetland science, policy, comprehensive management, and the use of new technologies and techniques for wetland planning, assessment, restoration, mitigation and program implementation.

Activities to achieve Goal C:

  • Increase the availability of wetland information to members and others, including providing forums and opportunities for interested parties to share information and discuss solutions to current issues.
  • Consider potentially more effective methods of compiling or digesting citations of interest from peer-reviewed and/or grey literature for members.
  • Identify key partners, describe the purpose(s) of partnering with them and formalize relationships with them.
  • Respond in a concrete and appropriate manner – e.g. through development of fact sheets or issue papers, formation of workgroups, or development of NAWM recommendations – to new or ongoing wetland concerns.   These include but are not limited to:
  • Section 404 Assumption
  • State Programmatic General Permits
  • Section 401 Certification
  • Renewal of Corps Nationwide Permits
  • Wetland mapping
  • Wetland and stream restoration and mitigation
  • Significant legal decisions related to the scope of Clean Water Act jurisdiction or to other issues affecting state and tribal wetland regulation
  • Wetland and water quality standards
  • Wetlands and climate change, including sea level rise and other climate change adaptation measures
  • Wetland ecological services including economic evaluation
  • Invasive species
  • New issues as they arise
  • Publish Wetland Breaking News on a monthly basis
  • Develop a series of web-based information pages, fact sheets and FAQs on identified strategic and hot button issues
  • Organize monthly webinars on technical wetland issues to provide training and continuing education for members and others
  • Conduct an annual tribal-state-federal meeting
  • Conduct an annual membership meeting
  • Hold online discussions, webinars, and training seminars pertaining to a broad range of topics.